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Lean Coffee notes Oct05

Thanks Eric. We had some great discussions. A recap for those who missed it. We talked about:
– Scrum vs Kanban (and Agile vs Waterfall)
– What do you want to get out of this group?
– How does UI/UX fit into the agile process? (see for more info: http://www.jeffgothelf.com/blog… )
– Rapid UX prototyping tools like Balsamiq, HotGloo, Sketch Flow, Twitter Bootstrap and UI prototyping in Powerpoint
– Where does QA fit into the agile process (and some common adoption patterns and pains)?
– Lean Startups

We’ll be meeting every Friday in October and use our last Friday to figure out a good cadence from there on. Looking forward to continuing some of the conversations. Let me know if you need more info on some of the topics.

Also.. I think my favorite quote from yesterday is “my customers’ enemy is a blank page”. Hopefully I can borrow that quote Jason as it is a great way to describe why we need lean startup approaches

Just saw a notice from the Tampa Lean Startup circle… there is a startup weekend coming to Tampa in Nov for more info http://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Lea…