Lean Coffee Orlando notes Nov01

Great discussions and some new faces joined us today.  Topics we discussed:

  • Scaled Agile Framework – What is it?  When to use it? How does it help with multiple teams?  Information is available at http://scaledagileframework.com
  • Creative ways to get a Scrum team to take more ownership of their work – We discussed how the Product Owner and ScrumMaster interact with the team.  We also talked about using retrospectives and specifically the ORID approach (Mark Kilby highly recommends the book on this technique “The Art of Focused Conversation“).  We also discussed using powerful questions (see Lyssa Adkin’s book).  Mark Kilby also recommends the new book Scrummastery: From Good to Great Servant Leadership by Geoff Watts.
  • Culture shock (team merger restart) – What happens when you are asked to “merge” two teams?  What happens when you have “factions” that don’t want to merge?  We discussed retrospectives to explore this.  We also talked about using an “ambassador model” where one team member shares ideas and conversations between the groups.

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