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Lean Coffee notes May03


(1) How do you approach Agile Adoptions? Grass-roots/Bottom-up? Top down through management? Other ways? What are best ways to start?

(2) Release Planning – what are some best approaches to breaking down Epics to Features to Stories and keeping track of the big picture? Where does MMF and MVP come into play? How do you “validate” the epics using acceptance criteria, conversations on ROI of the Epic, or using tools like Innovation Games (see http://innovationgames.com for descriptions and even some online versions)

(3) Scrum vs Kanban (vs Scrumban) – what’s the difference? Where is one better than another? What and when would you transition from one framework to another? How might it work for Systems Integration? How do spikes play in Kanban?

(4) Walking Skeleton for Architecture? What is needed to make this work? How do you use the walking skeleton concept to safely explore alternatives? What infrastructure do you need such as continuous integration, TDD, etc?