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Lean Coffee Notes Apr05

Great discussions this past Friday. We started with discussing starting agile teams, agile assessments, and challenges in product ownership. We then talked about “agile as an excuse” to wait until the last minute. This is a case where some folks don’t understand the discipline that agile introduces and instead look at agile as an excuse to drop disciplines instead of adding new ones. Lots of other great topics which I wish we had gotten to discuss.

Activities for Agile Orlando was a topic that we didn’t have time to get into, but it looks like folks were interested in a follow-on discussion over lunch. If you are interested in the outcomes, keep an eye onĀ http://www.meetup.com/Agile-Orlando

There were some topics that we didn’t get to Friday such as “using agile in the role of Testing”, to Document or not, and “agile during downturns”. If you still have interest in those topics and don’t want to wait until the next Lean Coffee, feel free to post your question in the Discussions area of the meetup group.