Lean Coffee notes Feb28

We had a record number of attendees this morning and a record number of topics: Agile and Deployment (aka Scrum or Kanban or hybrid?), Agile Testing and TDD techniques in particular, how to handle stories vs bugs in your backlog, rebooting Agile Orlando (it will happen!), and a little about introducing agile/kanban to your team.

Since we had a large group, there were some concerns about how well the format will work in the future. Some options: if we have 12 or more, we can split into 2 tables; if we have 15 or more on a regular basis, we might consider spinning off other lean coffees in other locations to attract other folks in different parts of town (that would be cool)

Some were also asking about upcoming training. Take a look at upcoming Orlando/Tampa courses at http://www.scrumalliance.org/ev…

Looks like a bunch coming in April and May and I know most of the instructors. Looking forward to next time in 2 weeks!

Some topics that didn’t get voted up this time: role of automation (we discussed briefly as part of the test topic), next big agile opportunity in Orlando (we have folks looking for work), learning agile/lean (look for some upcoming opportunities at http://agileorlando.com and the paleolithic diet — yes, it a lean technique 😉

Just because we didn’t get to them this time, you can certainly bring them up at the next agile-lean coffee orlando!

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