Lean Coffee notes Dec 07

Topics we discussed today: distributed Scrum, how to start a large project in Scrum or Kanban, how does architecture start in a large project, what is agile coaching (according to Agile Coaching Institute), and intrinsic motivation on teams (agile, open source, volunteer and more). I’ll post some specific references here in other threads.

For Hunt, AgileEVM paper is at http://agileadvantage.com/wp-co… and some related slides on Earned Business Value are here http://danube.com/system/files/….

Info on the ACI Agile Coach competency model is at http://www.agilecoachinginstitu…

How to split “big things” by Bill Wake … this is written for user stories in agile projects, but I found these 20 techniques to be useful in many different ways. See http://xp123.com/articles/ways-…

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